Broadcom Stock Plateaus Amidst AI Uncertainties

Broadcom Stock Plateaus Amidst AI Uncertainties

The meteoric rise of Broadcom stock seems to have reached a plateau, overshadowed by emerging uncertainties surrounding the enduring allure of AI for companies beyond Nvidia. Despite this, advocates on Wall Street, including analysts at Melius Research, are undeterred.

Mixed Performance and Revenue Outlook

Over the past 12 months, Broadcom shares surged by 65%, but recent months saw a slight decline of nearly 6%. The market’s lukewarm response to Broadcom’s $50 billion annual revenue guidance, revealed alongside its first-quarter earnings in March, temporarily halted its upward trajectory.

Broadcom’s impressive growth tempered by recent decline, reflecting market caution amid ambitious revenue projections, WSJ Print Subscription said.

Betting on AI

Ben Reitzes, from Melius Research, views opportunity in Broadcom amid uncertainty, especially in AI prospects. He notes Broadcom’s leadership in semiconductors across sectors. Reitzes highlights Broadcom’s Networking division, citing AI accelerators and networking chips. He sees potential growth, particularly with firms in the Consumer Internet sector.


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Optimistic Outlook and Target Price

Initiating coverage with a Buy recommendation, Reitzes set a target price of $1,850, based on a price-to-earnings ratio of 28 times his projection for Broadcom in its fiscal 2026 year.

Market Response and Competing Forces

Despite Reitzes’ optimism, Broadcom stock experienced a slight decline on Monday, amidst broader market downturns. As Broadcom vies for dominance in the upscale AI ASIC market, it faces stiff competition from Nvidia, particularly in both the AI and networking sectors.

Future Growth Potential

Reitzes envisions a significant growth trajectory for Broadcom’s AI-related revenue, potentially reaching $50 billion within a feasible timeframe. He suggests that securing additional customers for custom accelerators could significantly bolster this projection.

Navigating the Competitive Landscape

While acknowledging Nvidia’s dominance, Reitzes believes there’s ample room for both Broadcom and Nvidia to thrive. He sees Broadcom as part of a broader market shift towards companies with exposure to semiconductors and resilient infrastructure software.

Final Thoughts

Despite uncertainties and competition, Reitzes’ bullish outlook on Broadcom underscores the potential for sustained growth in the AI sector and beyond, positioning the company as a formidable contender in the evolving tech landscape.

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