Trump Approves Increase in Permanent Residency Permits

Trump Approves Increase in Permanent Residency Permits

When Steve Bannon expresses disapproval towards Donald Trump, it often signals that the former President is making a decision that warrants attention. Last week, Mr. Trump surprised many by advocating for a significant policy shift. He proposed granting automatic green cards to foreign nationals who graduate from American colleges or universities.

“Retain Talent from Our Greatest Schools”

During an appearance on the All-In Podcast with prominent Silicon Valley figures, Trump lamented the loss of international talent educated in the U.S. He expressed concern about graduates leaving the country after completing their education. “It’s disheartening to see brilliant minds from institutions like Harvard, MIT, and many other exceptional schools leave the U.S. after graduation,” he remarked. “What I propose is simple,” Trump stated. “If you earn a degree here, whether it’s from a two-year junior college, a four-year university, or a doctoral program. You should receive a green card as part of your diploma.”

This unexpected announcement drew mixed reactions but was seen by many as a positive step. The United States is in a fierce global competition for top talent. However, many graduates from American institutions are compelled to return to their home countries. Despite having job offers and a strong desire to contribute to the U.S. economy. This issue is particularly acute in the fields of engineering and science. There is a longstanding shortfall of domestically trained professionals, exacerbated by deficiencies in the U.S. public K-12 education system.

“Compete Globally for the Best and Brightest”

To compete with nations like China, which are rapidly advancing in technology and science. The U.S. needs to harness the capabilities of foreign talent. In 2021, the U.S. According to the National Science Board, international students on temporary visas earned 7% of bachelor’s degrees. 34% of master’s degrees, and 35% of doctoral degrees in science and engineering. It’s counterproductive to educate these individuals and then send them away to contribute to other countries’ advancements.

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Balancing Immigration Policy and Border Security

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Trump’s proposal faced criticism from his usual allies like Bannon and other immigration restrictionists. They voiced concerns about national security and the potential impacts on American workers. However, the Trump campaign clarified that all graduates would still undergo security vetting.

Mr. Trump’s stance demonstrates a nuanced approach to immigration, distinguishing between illegal immigration, which he has vowed to curtail, and the orderly, legal migration of skilled individuals. This proposal for green cards for graduates provides a softer counterpoint to Trump’s typically stern rhetoric on migrants. It contrasts with his ambitious plans for mass deportation.

A Step Towards Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

In 2018, Mr. Trump came close to brokering an immigration reform deal with Congress but ultimately backed down under pressure from adviser Stephen Miller. The future of such reforms remains uncertain. However, Mr. Trump’s recent comments highlight an understanding of the need to attract and retain top talent. This is crucial to ensure the U.S. remains competitive in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

As Trump eyes a potential return to the White House, his proposal signals a willingness to address the intricate balance between immigration policy and America’s strategic interests. He aims to nurture human capital through this policy shift.

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